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Integro Foundation is focused on helping Puerto Rican nonprofits scale their work. To do this, we've established some funding priorities: capacity-building and ecosystem-building partnerships. Not focused on any particular issue, Integro funds organizations with an impact trajectory, effecting systemic change in their communities.


We co-create innovative alliances that serve as catalysts for social, environmental, and economic change. Each of our projects tackles one, two, or three of these:

  • We aim to reduce inequalities, provide access to information and education, and foster awareness of local social issues that impact Puerto Rico's residents, flora and fauna.

  • We aim to foster the inclusion of natural infrastructure, to help food security become prevalent, create new approaches and awareness to biodiversity conservation, and the climate crisis.

  • We aim to reduce poverty in Puerto Rico, increase professional opportunities to retain local talent in the archipelago, and develop strong capacity-building programs.

Trust-Based Philanthropy


Community Events

Every nonprofit has different needs - that's why we work together and with flexibility with our grantees to determine the use of funds for their grants. After a thorough vetting process and alignment assessment, nonprofits are invited to join Integro's network.

Alongside our partners, Integro facilitates funding for capacity building. That is, projects that help organizations become sustainable. The program subsidizes grant writing services to seek new funding opportunities, designing social entrepreneurship activities, and bringing new talent to their organizations, thus opening the door for new sources of income.

In Integro, we believe connections play a significant part in making an organization sustainable. More than identifying interested donors and funneling funds, or managing a collaboration between like-minded organizations, we provide the space for all parties to meet and connect. Once an organization is part of the Integro network, they are elegible for other special initiatives.


Currently our support initiatives include: grants, subsidies to hire grant-writers, subsidies for PARACa Verano fellows, among others. Our goal is to develop the institutional capacities of small and medium-sized nonprofits organizations in Puerto Rico.At the moment, we do not have an open application. If our services align with the needs of your organization, we invite you to tell us about your efforts in Puerto Rico


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