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Transparency & Accountability

We know how important public trust is to any nonprofit's operations. That's why we are committed to sharing our financial and organizational information with prospective partners, donors and the general public.


Integro Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico that connects local grassroots organizations to the strategic resources they need to scale and expand their community impact.

We work with local, vetted organizations and social enterprises archipelago-wide to deploy resources efficiently and transparently. Through innovative alliances, we provide resources that encourage the regeneration of communities and native species through the nonprofit sector.

Striving to be more than a foundation, we work to multiply the impact of each donation and maximize our efforts to achieve an ROI (Return on Impact). Just like venture capital has compounding interest, charitable donations should have compounding impact. To achieve this ROI, we accelerate growth and empower local causes and organizations through grants, strategic thinking, and capacity building.

100% of donations to Integro Foundation are redirected to the organizations we support. 0% of your donations are channeled as administrative overhead costs. To date, this strategy has helped us support more than 175 local entities.



Tell us about your organization! Read our funding one-pager HERE.


At Integro, we believe cross-sector collaborations are crucial to our goal of increasing the capacities of local nonprofits. Our partners are entities that share our vision of building up nonprofits by providing them with support to increase their visibility, funding and connecting talent.

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